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    Arizona State Museum
    During an intensive three-day workshop with Arizona State Museum staff, we studied and practiced...
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    Bishop Museum- Field Trip
    I KA WA MA MUA KA WA MA HOPE - The Future is in...
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    Bishop Museum- Hawaiian Hall Summit
    As part of the Hawaiian Hall renovation project at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu,...
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    Bishop Museum- Planetarium
    With funding from NASA, and in collaboration with the Hawai'i State Department of Education,...
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    Buffalo Bill Center of the West
    One of five museums at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West (BBCW)...
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    California Association of Museums
    The California Association of Museums, with substantial funding from the Institute of Museum and...
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    California State Parks
    As a part of the California State Parks annual Training for District Interpreters in...
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    Chabot Space & Science Center Fieldtrip
    Fieldtrips at Chabot Space & Science Center typically include a planetarium show, a lab...
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    Chabot Space & Science Center High School Program
    For many years, I have had the pleasure of evaluating Chabot Space & Science...
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    Chabot Space & Science Center, Touch the Sun Exhibition
    Touch the Sun, showcases stunning state-of-the-art imagery captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)...
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    Computer History Museum
    The First 2000 Years of Computing is the core exhibition of the Computer History...
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    Exploratorium Mind Collection of Exhibits
    The First 2000 Years of Computing is the core exhibition of the Computer History...
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    Exploratorium, Outdoor
    Funded by the National Science Foundation, Outdoor Exploratorium (OE) is a collection of interactive...
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    Exploratorium, Sharing
    Back to Projects Institution: Exploratorium Science of Sharing Experimonths and Exhibits Summative Evaluation The Exploratorium is at...
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    Gail Anderson & Associates
    As a part of an extensive strategic planning project with Napa Valley art museum,...
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    Japanese American National Museum
    The Japanese American National Museum’s XLab project had three primary functions: study the visitor...
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    Nature Lodge Museum
    The Mountain Parks Foundation is working in collaboration with Big Basin Redwoods State Park...
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    Oakland Museum of California
    The Oakland Museum of California’s Pacific Worlds exhibition wrestles with very large concepts and...
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    Oakland Zoo
    Working closely with the Oakland Zoo's Marketing Director and board member, I designed conducted...
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    Palo Alto Art Center
    Creative Ecology engages children and adults in out-door and in-gallery experiences with artists who...
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    Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo
    The Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo prioritizes service to visitors with special needs....
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    Pratt Museum- Homer
    Back to Projects Institution: Pratt Museum, Homer, Alaska   Community Vision for a Community Museum and...
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    Pratt Museum Kachemak Bay
    Over the course of six years I worked closely with Pratt Museum staff on...
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    San Francisco Zoo
    Visitors to the Leanne B. Roberts African Savanna exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo...
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    San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
    The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art invited to work with them as...
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    University of Hawaii
    With funding from the Hawai'i Travel Authority, the University of Hawai'i invited to...
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    New Children's Museum, San Diego
    Administrators at the New Children's Museum in San Diego had very specific questions about...
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    Chabot Space & Science Center Middle School Program
    Chabot Space & Science Center has invited me to evaluate their after-school program, Champions...

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