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newchildrensmuseum_5_t250Institution: New Children’s, San Diego

Membership and Visitor Experience Evaluation

Administrators at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego had very specific questions about their visitors and broad interest in learning how best to serve them. Primary research questions related to boosting membership renewal rates and understanding free-day audiences, in particular how to covert them to members or paying visitors. In collaboration with Dr. Elsa Bailey, I worked closely with the museum to provide professional development as a part of designing and conducting surveys with current members, lapsed members and free-day visitors. Studies were designed to examine 1) patterns of, and barriers to visitation and membership participation, 2) preferences in exhibits, programs and membership benefits, 3) perceptions of the institution, and more. Findings provided detailed insight into a broad range of visitor and membership experiences and issues and enabled us to provide staff with an extensive set of recommendations.

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