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Possible_Bishop_Fieldtrip_2On-site Fieldtrip Program

Culture & History, Project Evaluation

I KA WA MA MUA KA WA MA HOPE – The Future is in the Past, is a multi-part, hands-on field trip experience for middle school students on site at the Bishop Museum. Part of the All Together Now project funded by the Department of Education Native Hawaiian Education Program, the goal of the program is to make STEM content accessible and relevant to children with Hawaiian and Polynesian descent. Teachers who attended a prototype version of the field trip provided extensive and specific formative feedback for the project team by means of written instruments during the sessions and group interviews immediately following the program. Hawaiian immersion teachers participated in additional individual interviews so we could benefit from their perspective. Summative evaluation included observations of classes, student discussions, and student and teacher surveys. Findings confirmed that students and teachers easily recognized key messages, learned new STEM and cultural information, had a lot of fun and felt inspired. With this, as with all projects at the Bishop Museum, we work closely with staff and educators to assure a culturally responsive approach to our evaluation activities and protocols.

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